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Travelling to Marrakech

Villa Dinari is just 25 mins by car from Marrakech Airport. We can arrange for a car to pick you up at the airport and bring you direct to the villa.

Below is a list of airlines who fly to Marrakech and other cities in Morocco.

From London:
FlyBMI (Heathrow)
British Airways (Gatwick) (Gatwick) (Luton and Stansted)
Thomson Fly (Gatwick)
Royal Air Maroc (Heathrow or Gatwick)

From Manchester: Thomson Fly 
From Bristol, East Midlands and  Edinburgh Ryanair

From Paris:
Air France
Royal Air Maroc

From Madrid:
Air Europa

From Amsterdam

Ferries from Spain
Ferries are available from Tarifa to Tanger (Tangiers)
Ferries Rapido del Sol

Trains from Tanger (Tangiers)
Overnight from Tanger to Marrakech