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Personal Shopping

There are very few places in the world with the shopping bedazzlement appeal you find in Marrakech. Personal adornments of lusciously soft babouche leather slippers paired with intricately embroidered djellabas and draped with antique Berber jewellery; rugs in subtle tones woven by the hands of women – always a woman – from the tribes of the Atlas Mountains, accompanied by a wooden side table with mother of pearl inlay on which sits a distinctive blue and white fassi pot from Fez, where the most renowned pottery craftsmen in Morocco live, their techniques handed down from generation to generation. 

You may know what you want, from a simple pierced lamp for your home to the full panoply of furnishings, fabrics, the best of new Moroccan designers and eloquent antiques to decorate the most palatial of homes, but the question is – do you know where to find it? 

Our Man in Morocco does. 

As a young man Abdellatif Benhrima worked as a leather craftsman in the Marrakech Medina before following his career as a guide, and Villa Dinari bears witness to the skills of Abdellatif and Heather in sourcing the best of traditional and modern design in Marrakech. 

“Morocco has always had a very high level of craft workers but over the last few years there has been a surge in the quality of work coming out of the workshops. In some cases it’s the inspiration of young designers who have studied in the main design centres of the world and have returned to combine their ideas with the skills of Moroccan craftsmen; in others it is through people from outside Morocco who see the beautiful designs and materials here but want to adapt them to add an feeling of exoticness to their own concepts.”

Whatever your personal shopping needs are, whether for yourself and your home or for a commission as an interior designer, Abdellatif can open doors for you, introduce you to the best of new designers, show you where to find the finest of Moroccan carpets, (he’s an expert on this particular subject), and most beautiful of antiques. He can also connect you with the best Moroccan artisans to bring your own designs to life.


If you would like to discuss your personal shopping requirements in detail, please contact Abdellatif Benhrima, Our Man In Morocco. Email:, Tel: +212 (0)661 20 31 17